Linux Backup Software & Data Recovery


Xi Software provide Linux backup software and Linux data recovery services including installations, consultancy and support, within open-source software platforms, operating systems and Windows environments.

Using 50+ years of combined experience and expertise Xi Software help medium to enterprise-scale businesses:  


  • Install, maintain and support Linux-based backup software solutions
  • Develop open source Linux data recovery system strategies
  • Roll-out open source document management solutions
  • Deploy data versioning, replication and disaster recovery systems



Linux Data Restore, Network Backup & Disk Backup Recovery Solutions


Protecting your data is critical in today’s complex and fast-paced IT systems management environment. Ensuring your data is backed up, fully restorable and available 24/7 could mean processing urgent customer orders, accessing important financial data or enabling remote workers to upload sales information. If not, you’re giving your market-place competition all the help they need to over-take your business.

Our Linux backup services include:

  • Linux data restoration solutions
  • Disk backup systems
  • Linux backup recovery
  • Linux data recovery software


As part of Xi Software’s Linux networking & security services and network management consultancy we advise on, install, configure, repair and support all major Linux network backup solutions including Acronis, Symantec, Bacula and Linux’s own built-in backup facility, across multi-vendor software platforms. 


There are numerous free Linux-based backup software solutions that we can advise on and also write customised open source programmes to fit in with whatever the existing setup requires.  

Linux Data Replication & Linux Server Backup


For high-level Linux server management data processing, online eCommerce databases or critical financial systems, data replication software offers one of the most effective forms of Linux server backup available.

Available as synchronous and asynchronous, data replication can be achieved in 3 different ways:

  • Snapshot data replication - data copied from one server to another or to another database on the same server
  • Merging data replication- data from multiple databases is amalgamated into a single database
  • Transactional data replication - full initial copies of the database are sent to users who then receive periodical updates as and when data changes

We offer advice on all major Linux server applications including: RedHat, CentOS, SUSe, Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Mandriva (formerly Mandrake), Fedora, Samba, VMWare, Xen, UNIX, Citrix, HPUNIX, Sun, Oracle and Tru64.

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