Data Protection: Linux IT Security Software Solutions


Xi Software provide Linux data protection & security and open source IT security software solutions.


In mission-critical Linux data infrastructures and open source networks, computer security is imperative and Linux data protection & security software should be part of an overall IT data protection policy.

For protecting data on Linux server management or Linux system software setups, we advise, configure and support multi-vendor hardware configurations that run any Linux installation, UNIX system or open source server platforms.

Our open source data protection & security services for Linux environments include:

  • Data encryption & authentication configuration
  • Data loss prevention
  • Repairing data corruption
  • Data restore & recovery
  • Disaster recovery plan implementation
  • Business continuity planning & consultancy
  • Linux management data strategies
  • Sensitive information management advice
  • Policy compliance consultation
  • Identity management strategies
  • Data asset management
  • Linux anti-virus recommendations
  • Laptop data protection & security
  • Desktop data protection & security
  • Linux networking & data security recommendations
  • FTP & internet data protection
  • Intranet data access security
  • PKI - digital certificate management advice
  • Email / Mailbox data protection

If you need to improve the security of your Linux data network, protect or secure your in-house IT software or setup computer security for local or remote users, Contact Us today to discuss your needs.



Data Loss Prevention & Data Protection Services


Xi-Software’s open source data loss prevention and data protection services for Linux and UNIX platforms have helped organisations secure critical data and reduce data protection & security costs.

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