Linux System Software - Operating Systems & Software Applications

As open source software specialists we provide Linux system installations and Linux software consultancy, to medium companies and enterprise-wide corporate's.


In our extensive experience, we’ve found that Linux system software applications can: 


  • Drastically improve desktop, printer, server and network performance
  • Reduce costly licensing expenditure
  • Increase IT management productivity
  • Offer greater IT management system flexibility
  • Provide a more reliable and stable platform as an alternative to Windows


As Linux operating system experts and Linux application software consultants, we’re familiar with all current Linux operating systems, enterprise servers and Linux software applications and recommend, configure and support solutions based on the following UNIX and Linux platforms:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (RHEL)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)
  • Debian GNU
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Ubuntu Desktop Systems
  • Fedora Enterprise Linux Server
  • OpenSUSE
  • Mandriva (formerly Mandrake)
  • AIX
  • Tru64

If you don’t see the version of Linux software you’re currently running, Contact Us to discuss your needs – we’re pretty sure we’ve installed or supported your version of Linux software over the years. 


Linux Software Licensing & Agreements


One of the most attractive elements of open source software is the low cost of Linux software licensing compared to Microsoft Windows platform. Unlike Windows, Linux licensing agreements are super flexible – you can download Linux software (for free) and distribute it across multiple desktops and laptops. Linux software licensing for servers is far cheaper than Windows servers, enabling you to reduce your overall IT costs while achieving better performance and reliability!

To discuss migrating from Windows to Linux software licensing for desktop, laptops or servers Contact Us today.



Linux Software Types: Enterprise Server, Fedora, Distributions, Ubuntu, SuSe & RedHat


As leading experts in Linux software and Linux enterprise server installation and consultancy,  our experienced team can install and support various Linux distributions.

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