Linux Monitoring & Management Tools

Linux monitoring tools and Linux management software solutions should be part of an overall IT systems management portfolio.

With vast experience in monitoring Linux servers and managing Linux network systems within open-source environments, we’ve developed Linux tools that help medium and enterprise-wide companies improve data flow, reduce downtime, eradicate bottom-line costs and increase overall IT productivity:



Managing Linux Enterprise Server & Unix Operating Systems

As Linux management software consultants, we’re familiar with all current Linux enterprise servers, UNIX systems and UNIX operating systems and recommend, configure and support solutions based on the following platforms:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (RHEL)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)
  • Debian GNU
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Ubuntu Desktop Systems
  • Fedora Enterprise Linux Server
  • Mandriva Desktop / Enterprise Server (formerly Mandrake)
  • OpenSUSE
  • AIX
  • Tru64

As well as tailoring and configuring Linux systems, we also advise on achieving optimal performance and flexibility.


Linux Admin Tools: Simplify Linux Administrator Processes


If your IT systems administrators, network developers or database staff need assistance in configuration, Linux administration or Linux admin tools, our team can assist. We’ve resolved many complex Linux admin problems and used various Linux tools (free and paid) to help solve complicated data and network issues – so Contact Us today to discuss your needs – our experience is to your advantage.


Unix Server Administration Process Tools: Network, Applications, Backup & Management

Xi Software also offer UNIX server and UNIX administration advice within the following UNIX-based requirements: Unix tools, process management, Unix network configuration, software installation, Unix application development, backup solutions & Unix management & strategy.

To discuss your Linux management strategy, Linux monitoring tools or UNIX server administration requirements Contact Us today. Find out more About Us, review our Testimonials or keep up to date with our Latest News & Blog. For existing customers, download Xi –Batch & Xi-Text Online Licensing