Xi-Batch - A comprehensive process scheduling and automation application for Unix and GNU/Linux systems

Seeking a way to integrate disparate job scheduling platforms into a centralised process across independent operational units - that will significantly improve a complex, unreliable, or difficult-to-interface and manage system?

Want to take advantage of unprecedented growth in use of automated processes to manage workload, and feel the benefit of cost savings based on decreased need for administration personnel?

Looking for a more efficient and effective scheduling environment, compatible and available across the entire computing environment, that will save time, money and resources?

Do you require stable, tried and tested software?

You need Xi-Batch Schedule Software; an essential tool for Operations Managers to automate, track and manage the multitude of systems, application processes and workload management tasks common in today's systems

Xi-Batch Scheduling Software is available for all leading UNIX version and Linux distributions, including SUN Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, SCO, Tru64, Red Hat, Debian, SUSE and Mandriva (formerly Mandrake). We can usually create distributions for less common distributions as well.

Optional client modules for Windows servers permit jobs to be scheduled and monitored on Windows servers too. It is easy to deploy and manage. It is also fully supported