Xi-Batch Linux Task Schedule Software


Xi-Batch Schedule Software is an industry-leading open source enterprise job scheduling and control utility for networked UNIX, Linux and Windows server systems. Released in 1990, Xi-Batch Linux task scheduler provides batch job scheduling and monitoring services on single server, multi server and server-wide network infrastructures.

With a global user base in major industries including insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, education, aerospace, public utilities and defence, Xi-Batch Schedule Software unifies the management of the server environment.

For over two decades, enterprise data centre operations managers have relied upon Xi-Batch Schedule Software for robust, scalable task scheduling and job management in complex network environments.

Xi-Batch Schedule Software has enterprise-class features on par with the job control modules of leading integrated systems management suites but at a far lower investment than most task scheduling software applications.

How can Xi-Batch Schedule Software help your business?

  • Operations managers use Xi-Batch schedule software as an essential tool to help automate, track and manage the multitude of system and application processes common in today’s production systems.
  • Database administrators rely on Xi-Batch scheduling software to accurately and reliably place database systems into backup mode, initiate backup applications and then restore the applications to a production state.
  • Systems administrators use Linux Xi-Batch task scheduler to initiate data transfers, trigger reporting routines, and perform periodic system maintenance.


Although applications and database systems have become more integrated with their own support utilities, enterprises have site-specific scheduling and cross-application processing needs that are handled simply and reliably by Xi-Batch Schedule Software.


The system provides seamless cross-platform operation across networked systems and offers a variety of user and administrative interfaces in graphical and character modes.


Xi-Batch Schedule Software – Key benefits


  • Availability on any UNIX or Linux platform
  • Job priorities
  • Event driven for high performance
  • File monitoring (for creation, deletion or file amendments)
  • Unlimited number of jobs and dependencies
  • Character and Command Line Interfaces
  • Database independence
  • MS Windows and X-Windows GUI Interfaces
  • Job statuses displayed in user-selectable colors
  • Web Browser interface
  • Programmer's API Interface
  • Transparent networking
  • A dynamic, interactive queue manager
  • Reporting
  • Dependency scheduling
  • Full audit trail
  • Time and date based scheduling
  • On-line context sensitive help
  • Multiple job queues
  • Interfaces to third party applications
  • Load balancing
  • Optional agent for execution of jobs on Windows platforms

Xi-Batch Schedule Software is available on all leading UNIX  version and Linux distributions including SUN Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, SCO, Tru64, Red Hat, Debian, SUSE and Mandriva (formerly Mandrake). Optional client modules for Windows servers permit jobs to be scheduled and monitored on Windows servers too.



Task Scheduler: Batch Processing & IT Job Scheduling


As a sophisticated job scheduling and batch processing management software solution, Xi-Batch has been designed as a flexible, general purpose task scheduling and workload control system for standalone and networked UNIX and Linux systems.

Task scheduling facilities include timed and repetitive task scheduling, ad hoc job submission, load management, job chaining and monitoring services, all within a unified environment.

Xi-Batch batch processing can handle complex job scheduling requirements, using time/date, file monitoring, simple or complex dependencies, condition testing and other factors.

Transparent networking facilities enable scheduled jobs and control variables to be shared across any number of hosts with central point or distributed control.  Xi-Batch job scheduling provides comprehensive security, user chargeback and user access control mechanisms.

Load balancing and remote submission features make Xi-Batch an indispensable management tool for ASP, ISP and other multi-user data centre installations.

Unlike alternative large-scale “framework” products, Xi-Batch Schedule Software is cost-effective and easy to deploy and manage and provides local, remote and global conditions and dependencies, file monitoring, load balancing and complex conditional testing.  

Xi-Batch can also handle complex task scheduling requirements, using time/date, file monitoring, chaining, condition testing and other factors.

Xi-Batch offers a wide range of user interfaces, both graphical and traditional character-based, and API libraries for custom integration to user systems.


Evaluation copies of Xi Batch are available upon request and can
be converted to full licensed status without reinstallation


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