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Xi-Text is an industry-leading open source enterprise printer software application and print management solution for UNIX and Linux systems. Developed and released in 1984, the Xi-Text printer server management application delivers the power, flexibility and scalability to handle the needs of any production UNIX or Linux printing environment.
Linux Printer Management Software Xi-Text is proven print management technology and has a global user base in major industries including telecommunications, travel, hospitality, media, education and distribution.
Xi-Text offers enterprise printer server features, without the price tag and complexity of other print management and output management solutions.
Unmatched in bringing flexibility and performance to your print management and network printing needs, Xi-Text imposes no limitations on the number of printers and print jobs it can support.
Offering advanced features such as automatic load balancing, transparent networking, an integrated viewer and full security control over printers, jobs and system users, with Xi-Text printer management software, you  gain the flexibility to customize Linux / UNIX printing to the demands of your printing environment including user displays, access to printers, error messages, default options, languages and more.
Xi-Text's peer-to-peer network operation enables automatic propagation of printer access to all Xi-Text systems on the network. Security is maintained through multiple access controls. UNIX printing resources are transparently available to all authorized users on the network while Xi-Text controls access to secure or data-sensitive printers.

  • A systems administrator at a multi-national telecommunications company says, “If we can’t print our customer’s bills, then we’re not making money. We can’t risk millions of pounds of revenue on a print system that can’t handle our load.”


  • A systems manager of a printing services company reports, “We print millions of pages every month of utility bills, invoices, bank statements and credit card statements. Xi-Text print management software  does exactly what it’s supposed to do without any hassles.”

Both these clients have fully realised the value of the Xi-Text Print Management System that operates seamlessly across multiple platforms, with a unified mode of operation and a centralised control point for all of their printing operations.

If you’re a systems administrator and or manage IT network or printing operations, you’ll find Xi-Text Printer Server Software to be an essential printing tool that helps you automate and manage the multitude of system and application printing requirements common in today’s mission-critical production systems.

Xi-Text Print Management Software - Job & Printer List Screenshot

Xi-Text Print Management Software - Job & Printer List Screenshot 


Xi-Text Print Management Software Features & Benefits


  • Event-driven for high performance and low resource usage
  • Unlimited printers, systems and print jobs - accommodates your business growth needs
  • Enterprise-class print management software
  • Full-screen interactive job and printer control
  • Accepts print jobs from networked Microsoft Windows clients
  • Character and command-line interfaces
  • Microsoft Windows and X-Windows graphical interfaces
  • Browser-based interface
  • Single-view control of printers and jobs throughout a network
  • Compatibility with lp based applications and existing systems
  • Job restart with selective print
  • Extensive job and forms control options - unequalled in flexibility and range of options
  • Broad platform availability within any UNIX and Linux environment
  • Chargeback accounting - maintains detailed logs of print volume, printer and forms usage
  • User-configurable interface features for every print management need
  • Automatic load balancing and re-routing of jobs
  • Third-party application interfaces
  • Security and user access controls
  • Print Pooling - automatically distributes waiting print jobs to the next available printer
  • Transparent networking
  • Comprehensive API for sites needing tight integration between Xi-Text and their applications

Review testimonials from existing clients who have benefited from using Xi-Text Print Management Software.

Xi-Text Print Management Software – Samples of Deployment:

A car rental company uses Xi-Text to manage report distribution to its foreign offices.

A textiles manufacturer relies on Xi-Text to drive banks of report printers as well as its document imaging systems.
A newspaper publishing group has selected Xi-Text as an embedded component of the software systems it supplies to its affiliated newspapers.


Linux Printer Server Management & Printing Application for Windows, UNIX, SUSE, Ubuntu, HP-UX, RedHat, Solaris, AIX & Debian


Xi-Text Linux Printer Server is available for all leading UNIX versions and Linux distributions, including SUN Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, SCO, Tru64, Red Hat, Debian, SUSE and Mandriva (formerly Mandrake).

Xi-Text Printing Application provides the flexibility and features you need to manage your printing environment under UNIX or Linux. Migrating from Windows platforms? Xi-Text is an ideal print management complement to Samba for managing printers and print jobs.


Evaluation copies of Xi Text are available upon request and can be converted to full licensed status without reinstallation


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